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E3 Panel Industries

ACP Sheets Manufacturer E3 ACP is the first company to establish an ACP sheet manufacturing Plant in South India. Aluminium Composite Panels, offered by E3 in various hues, visual effects, textures, and finishes, are flexible and innovative. Among them are timber like look and texture, sparkle, gloss, pebbles, and more. This versatile material can be warped, folded, and given different shapes that are not achievable with any other material. It is possible to bend, fold, and turn this material into shapes that are impossible with any other material. As E3 ACP is never complacent about quality, ACP sheets are developed after extensive quality-testing.

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We turn your dreams into reality

Experience the world of bespoke 3D concept design with ACP sheet manufacturer in India which provides a wide array of ACP Board and our Design Assist Team. The best photorealistic visual representations and the time and expense you save before installation are among the primary benefits of our free online computer-aided design software or architectural modeling tools to create 3D visualizations of the elevation design. It allows you to see how different design elements interact and make adjustments as needed; we aim to help you construct an impressive structure.

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Innovative Product Range

 Modern buildings’ external, interior, and cladding materials are made of integrated sustainable design principles incorporated into aluminum composite panels. E3 ACP sheet manufacturing company provides panels that are flexible and can be shaped to form curved surfaces for external cladding by bending them 90 degrees.As part of our continued commitment to innovation, we are using the most cutting edge anti-scratch and anti-fade technologies. Our annual production capacity is 4 million square meters, and production is steadily increasing owing to the proliferation of ACP possibilities.



Build your Dream Space with E3 ACP


Mr.Ajay Garg, Director of E3 Group in discussion with Building Material Reporter is unearthing their growth journey. How they switched from being sellers to manufacturers and eventually being the leaders in the market. They have made a well-renowned name in the market with multiple brands- under the E3 group, and every brand has a separate identity with distinct products but maintains the same vision.

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We turn ideas into works of art

We continue to push through boundaries with innovative ideas and foster a healthy work environment.

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