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ACP Sheets

E3ACP is the first company to establish an ACP sheet manufacturing Plant in South India. Aluminium Composite Panels are versatile, eye-catching, and offered by E3 in a plethora of hues and finishes. Some examples are anti-scratch, italian stone, timber wood, high gloss, pastels| metallic, sparkle|mirror|brush, pebbles, gloss and sand series. The physical characteristics of any other material would be incapable of being manipulated in any way or formed into the shapes like ACP sheets. E3 ACP never compromises in terms of quality, they are manufactured after extensive quality testing. ACP Panels with flawless finishing give any construction a cutting-edge appearance and are available in densities ranging from 2 mm to 6 mm.

They are notable for their metal based construction, featherlight installation, quick installation, malleable designs, sustainable design, damp resistance, termite proof, and ultraviolet (UV) defense. While available in a variety of patterns and colors, as well as being easy to maintain, recyclable, and shrinking-free E3 ACP for more than 30 years, the company has upheld its dedication to and tenacity in the field of metal composite materials, a robust and high-quality manufacturing process, and management fueled by client orientation, quality, and technological skills. It will continue striving to become a century-old company, delivering various products and a one-stop solution that combines manufacturing and design.

About E3 ACP

With reference to E3 ACP, For over 30 years, the company has upheld the values of dedication and perseverance in the field of metal composite materials, an efficient and superior manufacturing process, and management that is focused on quality, customer orientation, and technological know-how. It will continue to be committed to growing into a century-old company, providing a ‘Make in India’ range of goods and offering a one-stop shop that handles both trending design and quintessential manufacturing.